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Cumberland Bowl Park is in the heart of Jonesville, at the end of Park Street just North of the center of town.  The "bowl" is a natural inclusion in the earth and a unique setting for the park itself.  Covering several acres there are many different areas for picnics, sports and a host of other activities.


One of the most untapped resources in Lee County, the park is open to one and all and almost all of the events within the park are free.  Included inside the park is one of the most intimate music venues in the area.  Several pavilions both large and small are available for gatherings such as family reunions.


Perhaps one of the greatest assets to the park is the "Veterans Memorial Wall".  Soldiers names appear on the bricks of the wall honoring their service to Armed Forces of The United States of America.


Of Course the greatest thing about the park is its natural beauty.  Large Evergreens, and Oaks, along with many other of nature's best, thrive within the park's boundary.  It's quiet serenity is at times breath-taking.  Come for a quite walk, a picnic lunch or one of the many festive events.

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